[EN] 2. foreveryone.net and a meeting with the inventor of the www

It is October 13, and I just returned home from an event with Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web. It was an exclusive screening of foreveryone.net, followed by a discussion with Sir Tim. Tom Wheeler, Chairman of the Federal Communications Committee was also there with an inspiring speech #lifechangingexperiences

Such a humble man with such an active mind!

Some key points? He told us to never rest in our fight for our rights, for democracy, for net neutrality, to protest, to yell, to be agresive if we must, and always think outside the box.

When you go on the web you see humanity with the good sides and the bad sides, its wonderful side, its horrible side.

I told him about how we made a national brainstorming using gdocs almost one year ago and how some things are now more transparent in Romania, thanks to that www thing. He’s genuinely happy when real change happens.

To be honest, I barely knew who invented the www, but I felt so thankful just listening to this man, who wants the net to be free and a basic right. Are we aware this might not be the case in the future? Also, the people from the World Wide Web Foundation are amazing and I cannot wait to meet them again! Romania is not really on their radar, but maybe we can change that 🙂

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